Uniting the power of digital in service of humanity.

Digital for Good is a community in Scotland enabling people from digital to contribute to the most important problems facing people and the planet.

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Our Mission

We believe we can accelerate the impact of UK's third sector through technology.

Our community brings the third sector and digital professionals together, acting as a key bridge to connect, educate and collaborate.


We gather and collaborate to empower our third sector in adapting to these trying times.

Digital for Good is a network of digital professionals, collaborating together on issues they care about. We closely work with nonprofit organisations and regularly run events, projects and more.

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Charities involved
Meet other passionate digital pioneers who care to make a positive difference.
Ask questions and get support and feedback you need from our members.
Join our events and projects, to discuss, collaborate and grow.

Project Cohorts

Our project cohorts serve charities that are part of our network. Each project is led by volunteers from our community and focuses on making a real difference to charity users.


Curiosity Collective

UX, design and web site as part of exciting charity rebranding


Building a smart chatbot to support YoungScot card users.
Photo by Anne Binckebanck

Drake Music Scotland

Supporting Drake Music Scotland by updating and maintaining their Figurenotes software.

Any nonprofit can submit a project and any individual can step up to volunteer. Our third cohort starts in November 2020. Solve your key technical challenges with our volunteers.

“I love how simple the online interface is to get all the basic things done.”

Brian Acosta, Sydney

“Incredible attention to detail as always from this team.”

Abbey Robinson, Brisbane

Insights on tech and the third sector.


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